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On this page I will let you hear disembodied voices, like the video below and Ghostbox voices...the quality is amazing..and one thing is for sure, no one has the name Saleire, so it can't be randomly picked up on the radio.

The first two videos show Michael. For two weeks now or more, I have been getting EVP's from Michael. I recorded the second video to show you how I do it and guess what, Michael came through again to help me show you that he is there with me.

I  had seen a white light moving across the sky. I didn't quite catch the light, but my son confirmed that they had done that for me. This is the spirit voice of my son in the other realms.

All about animal protectors and guides. Animals in spirit, coming to say hello.

I this one, I ask who will be my controller if I do trance....and the answer is 'Alien Twin'. Not something you hear on the radio.

UFO's to help people.

All my life I have been told by mediums, people in the street, friends and family to write a book about ...? Not sure yet, have a feeling it will come in trance...still thinking.

Crop Circles made by ET.

God and 11:11

This is not the ghostbox, this is from the EVP maker. It sends out random Bibbidi Bobbidi sounds and they use these sounds to create words.

Family names called out ..too many for coincidence.

I have hundreds of sessions recorded, but I think these are enough to be going on with, to show you that you can talk to your loved ones in spirit and to beings on other planets, solar systems, and beyond...nothing is impossible.

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