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If you ask for spirit to show themselves and you see orbs, be sure, they have come to share love with you.

Faces in orbs

Always look for faces in orbs, you will be surprised how many you see.

selection of orbs.jpg

Orbs can come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Here you can see the shapes, colors and the first faces that appeared in them.

pic 1 copysm.jpg

I had a feeling that they were here. I also felt I should take 4 photos of the exact same spot. I did and you can see the orbs coming in the window, they felt as if they hugged me, then a face appeared and smiled, then they left.

Copy of Another face in orbs.jpg

I was talking to my mum whilst in the garden and this beautiful orb came with a smiley face.

Rods and flashes are new to me. They usually occur when I call on ET.

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