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Home Extra Information

Home - 1

I was walking home late one night, a bit nervous as there was no one around. I asked them to show me some lights to show they were with me, as protection and basically just keeping an eye on me. Something told me, I should have brought my camera, so as soon as I got home, the urge to run outside to the garden was overpowering. I grabbed my camera and looked up, there was a swirling golden dragon in the sky and I knew it had scales. It swirled in and out of the clouds as I watched it through the lens....I was so amazed I forgot to take a video of it and just flashed the camera. As I did this, I could see the dragon come right down the middle of the lens to say hi. A little bit scary at first, but then I saw the smiling face. He was just letting me know that I was safe. (I have never seen a dragon and wasn't even sure if they I do.

Home - 2

Like I said, I was asking a fairy to show herself as I had a feeling there was something there and it felt like a nature spirit. I was sitting in the rain, enjoying the sound of it and so I just took some orbs videos and thought that was it. There was nothing in the skies, no birds or insects flying around because the rain was really heavy.

The wonderful thing about this is the that you can see a Tinkerbell type figure as it slows down and then she turns into various shapes as she flies away. Fairies can morph from spiritual energy to solid little beings...they can also show themselves as other creatures you find in nature.

UFO's Extra Information

UFO - 1

There was a lot going on in this video, rods, orbs, flashes, lights swirling around in the sky. I didn't see this until the end of the light show. Look how it takes off, it does a sort of circular movement, as if it goes over a hill and disappears. Took this video with a regular phone.

UFO - 2

This appeared as I was taking pictured of orbs. When I asked them what it was, the answer I got was a device to make portals. Reminds me of the Ezekiel wheel.

UFO - 3

Again, taking orbs and found this in the photo. It's very small in the original, but it's not like any plane I have seen...the lights are just too strange and there was no sound.

UFO - 4

I was in Richmond Park and asking them to show themselves. When you do this, amazing things happen. You can feel they are there, there's an energy about it. I taught this was a cloud at first, until I saw the design of it. Someone else pointed out the two little ships or drones from the ship sent out in front of it.

UFO - 5

I know it's very small, but it looks like a cigar shaped craft. I don't know of anything else that could be that shape in the sky. Again, asking for them to show themselves and getting something is often an indicator that you did! They are subtle, know where you are going to take the picture and I'm sure are using telepathy to tune in.

UFO - 6

Was looking at someone flying a kite in Box Hill and saw this in the sky. It looks like there is someone inside, just one being.

UFO - 7

This shot was taken down by the Bluebell Forest. I was asking for something to show because I had a strong feeling that I was being observed and the energy was electric. I couldn't seem to relax at all, it was only afterwards I found this in the photograph.

UFO - 8

When writing a book about my experiences I felt as if someone was watching, their presence is undeniable, it's a feeling of love and energy being sent to you....a knowing. I had the feeling to take pictures of the clouds outside my window and saw these shapes. 

UFO - 9

UFO - 10

As above...two days in a row.

Taking a picture of the rainbow. Got the rainbow, but knew there was something else. Thought it was a bird at first, but had other pictures which show the difference of birds at that distance and this disc.

UFO - 11

Yes, it looks a bit like a plane, but in the next frame it was gone. Planes don't fly that fast, so I'm thinking it was something else.

Light Anomalies Extra Information

Light 1

Light 2

Light 3

Light 4

Light 5

Light 6

Light 7

THE HUMAN SOUL: Its Movements, Its Lights, and the Iconography of the Fluidic Invisible. by DR. H. BARADUC shows the images of the spirit, spirit energy, the soul. It's a fascinating study of the human soul and the most amazing thing I find is the similarity in the images I am capturing. The image to the right is my image and it shows the exact shape of the one in the book. The human soul, an orb of light, wisps of energy, ectoplasm, whatever you want to call it....ask for it to show itself and it will. These are from beyond the veil but all around us.

In this video you see the energy in the picture that looks like the book above. It's playful, coming to say hello and then off it goes. Life in the hereafter is all around us. 

This video is wonderful. It's like rods of energy that fly past. I slowed it down, but all I saw when taping it was a flash of light to the side. We are seeing beyond the veil for sure.

You can see the exact shape as in the book. These are souls, light energy, flying around, communicating in ways that are very subtle. Ask and you will see that they come, maybe not in the form you expected, but as they are......light!

This has to be the spirit of another being or animal. I have saved many an insect and little snails and things in my life, maybe it's one coming back to say hi.

A light rod going from side to side for all those who think it might be very thick rain :) 

There is a lot to see in this video. Flashes, rods of light, little flying orbs of light that all show something like a light show for those who want to see something amazing. There are little swirls of light flying around, could be light ufo's.

Other - Extra Information

Other - 1

Age 3 or 4, probably 4, as I think dad had left. Ma was out for the night, probably gone to the city, and my siblings decided to go out of the house and play hide and seek. I was left in the house but wanted to go out and play with them. I walked around to the square and my sister told me to stand by the wall and don't I stood by the wall and watched them. Suddenly, I was standing on the avenue and no one was there. I looked up at the sky and saw a star zipping around. I ran to the house and knocked on the front door. My sister came out and asked where I had gone? They thought I had gone back to the house, but after a search, they couldn't find me. I said I was standing where you told me, and she said, no you weren't, we searched all over the barracks. I told her about the star and she just said, that's a falling star and dragged me in the house.

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