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The difference between ectoplasm and steam, mist or fog is the fact that in one frame it is there and in the next it's gone completely in matter of seconds.

Ectoplasm can form into faces, almost physical like structures and shapes, it can show you a picture that often has to be inverted to see the real thing. Intelligence is behind ectoplasm.


You can see in this one, to the left, a circular structure, which would not be in steam, a face above it looking down, among other things. This looks like a portal is being created.

The ectoplasm often comes down in the middle of the picture and I see it coming toward me, engulfing me in it's energy and then leaving again. It feels different, it feels alive! See the swirl of energy below and the man's face with a white beard?


In this one you can see the shape of a triquetra....steam, fog or mist can't do that so perfectly. Note also the zig zag shape to the right of this photo.

See the man's face in this's incredible and so familiar. 

My brother's face in this one.


Many faces to see in this one, but also the outline of triangles in the sky within the ectoplasm.


Again, the difference a second can make.

Copy of next 064.jpg

This appeared in the garden, it was immense and it looked like a giant hand holding a little boy within it. It felt protective.

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